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Introduction of P-Belt-Type side-entry mixer:

Installing a side-entry mixer in the oil tank, is used for mixing oils or other medium and then reach the purpose of harmonization, heat transfer, homogenization and prevention of sediment accumulation.

Using this equipment has many advantages, such as small investment, convenient operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, low static electricity generated in medium and guarantee product quality.

P-Belt-Type Side-entry mixer can be installed in petroleum tank, lubricating tank, fuel oil drum, paraffin tank, asphalt tank (for heavy rubber asphalt, basic petroleum bitumen, A Grade asphalt) and some storage tanks for additive and other medium which need to be stirred.


Material of chemical tank agitators

Maintenance method of side-in type agitator

1. Move the mouth again. For the failure of the side-in type agitator, do not respond to the first action. You should first ask before and after the failure and the failure phenomenon. For unfamiliar equipment, you should also be familiar with the circuit principle and structural characteristics, and abide by the corresponding rules. Before disassembling, be familiar with the function, position, connection method, and relationship with other devices around each electrical component. If there is no assembly drawing, please mark it while disassembling.

2, first external and internal: first check the equipment for obvious cracks, defects, understand its maintenance history, age, etc., and then check the machine. Before the disassembly, the surrounding fault factors should be excluded, and it can be disassembled after it is determined that the machine is faulty. Otherwise, the blind disassembly may make the equipment more and more damaged.

3, mechanical after the electrical: only after determining that the mechanical parts are not faulty, then carry out electrical inspections. When checking the circuit fault, you should use the testing instrument to find the fault location, and confirm the faultless fault after the contact, and then check the operational relationship between the line and the machine in order to avoid misjudgment.

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