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Chemical Drum Mixer Our IBC container agitator is "Plug and Play" which means that you can get started immediately once the stainless steel bracket is placed on top of the IBC container and fixed with the clamps
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Product Description

IBC container agitator is used for homogenizing, suspending and dissolving fluids in IBC containers. KEHENG MIXING has various electrical agitators suitable for different applications.

VORTEX Technology ensures that the liquid is moved from the bottom up into a vortex so your product is mixed homogeneously without clumps and prevents substances from settling down to the bottom.

Our IBC container agitator is "Plug and Play", which means that you can get started immediately once the stainless steel bracket is placed on top of the IBC container and fixed with the clamps.

This kind products own compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise and high efficiency. It’s easy and safe to operate.

If you need to mix batches with IBC's or drums frequently, you can also use a tripod agitator for quicker handling and process. Equipped with an electric winch and various safety measures these stand agitators are a true addition for your process equipment.

If you would like to simultaneously mix and pump your products we can also offer you customized solutions.


Chemical drum mixer Parameter

Motor Brand


Reducer Bland


Motor Power

0.37KW/1 Ton

Dia. of Shaft

35mm/1 Ton

Length of Shaft

According to the height of IBC container

Rotate Speed

60rpm/1 Ton


Efficient impeller


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel304,Stainless Steel 316 and customized


Application of chemical drum mixer

- Mixers for the chemical industry
- Mixers for pilot plants and research
- Mixers for paints, varnishes and adhesives
- Mixers for the food and beverages
- Mixers for (waste) water treatment, water purification and flocculation
- Mixers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
- Mixers for salt and sugar solutions
- Mixers for dyes and pigments


What is top-in type agitator?

The top-in type agitator is also called electric agitator, mechanical agitator and cantilever type agitator. It can be used for liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid suspension, gas-liquid or liquid-liquid dispersion, etc. It is mainly used for mixing and homogenization. A circulating instrument for the incorporation, suspension, injection of gases and high viscosity materials. 

The top-in type agitator is suitable for mixing various solutions and reagents with certain viscosity, such as: industrial and petroleum applications, beverage production, product production, food processing, sugar and candy production, ceramic applications, water treatment, cosmetics production, coloring. Agent and paint production, paper making, etc. Top-in mixing The design of the mixing equipment includes two parts: process design and mechanical design. The design of the process design mechanical design, that is, the processing amount, the operation mode, the working pressure (or vacuum), the working temperature, the physical properties of the material to be stirred and the corrosion condition, etc., and the heat transfer surface type and heat transfer are also required. Area, agitator type, agitation speed and power. The mechanical design should be reasonable selection, strength (or stiffness) calculation and structural design of the mixing vessel, transmission, shaft seal and internal components.


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