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Agitator Structure In order to provide energy and cause the flow of liquid, the agitator must have a reasonable structure and sufficient strength. The so-called reasonable structure, in addition to the geometrical dimensions of the impeller and the installation position should be reasonable, mainly refers to the following principles: the manufacturing process of the impeller is reasonable, the connection mode of the impeller and the agitating shaft is stable and reliable, and the impeller is easy to install and repair. In addition to the difficult machining of special shapes such as propulsion and ribbon, most impeller shapes and machining are relatively simple. The connection between the impeller and the shaft is similar and not complicated. The integral or detachable coupling structure can be determined by the convenience of installation and maintenance.

The type of material also affects the structure. The material of the agitator is mainly selected from the aspects of corrosion resistance and strength. It is mostly made of carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron. It is also made of copper, aluminum and other materials. Others such as wood, enamel glass and rubber lining are also used. Because of the many applications of steel, its structure is universal. Generally divided into: paddle, turbo propulsion, anchor and frame.
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