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How To Fix The Mixer When It Is Damaged? If the mixer has been damaged during the use, you must not ignore it. Because these small problems are likely to cause some major accidents, there are some hidden dangers. Therefore, when the mixer is damaged, you must make timely repairs.

If there is more or less any kind of long-term use, there will be some problems. The non-standard mixer is no exception. When the mixer fails, how should it be repaired as a professional? Please see the following for details:

Generally speaking, the most used industries belong to the chemical industry. Due to the corrosive nature of the medium, the reaction conditions are hot and cold, and so on, there will always be different degrees of damage. Non-standard mixers are expensive, and there is no need to update the entire equipment when there is little damage. This requires the use of a suitable repair method. Otherwise, the damaged area will become larger and larger, resulting in unpredictable losses such as production stoppages and safety accidents.

Non-standard mixers cause the porcelain surface to fall off due to transportation, use, man-made, etc. If not repaired, the mixer will be corroded by the solvent in the kettle, causing unnecessary production stoppage. If large area falls off, it is recommended to return to the factory for re-enameling. If a small area falls off, it can be repaired with (Jin Sucheng), which can save maintenance costs and save time.

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