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Specific Factors Affecting The Stirring Power Of The Agitator First, the physical properties of the agitation medium, such as the density of each medium, the viscosity of the liquid medium, the size of the solid particles, the aeration rate of the gas medium, and the like.

Second, the agitator structure and operating parameters, such as the type of agitator, blade diameter and width, blade inclination, number of blades, stirrer speed.

Third, the structural parameters of the agitation tank, such as the inner diameter and height of the agitation tank, the presence or absence of baffles or diversion tubes, the width and number of baffles, and the diameter of the draft tube.

The above is the method of calculating the stirring power of the agitator. If you want to know more about the agitator, you can follow the new information on our website.

After these factors that can affect the stirring power of the agitator are clear, you should not worry about the efficiency of your work during daily use.
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