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How To Avoid Electric Shock When Using Agitator The use of agitators has become more and more extensive, and the role and needs of the agitators are very high, no matter where or where the mixers are particularly needed. However, the agitator is very susceptible to electric shock when in use, and there is a safety problem if an electric shock occurs. Therefore, in order to avoid electric shock, everyone needs to do the following work.

1. If the power supply equipment of the agitator is improperly selected or not matched, it may cause electric shock and other safety production accidents.

2, The electrician is a special operation personnel must be certified to work, otherwise it will cause electric shock and other safety production accidents due to the lack of understanding of safe use of electricity.

3. If the operation personnel of the power distribution room are not trained, the stirrer lacks the knowledge of safe electricity use and illegal operation, resulting in electric shock accidents, and avoiding electric shock and causing other safety production accidents.

4. The power distribution room operation rules and regulations, operating procedures, safety warning signs, safety production records, and inadequate safety protection facilities may cause electric shock and other safety production accidents.

5. If there is no measure to prevent small animals from entering the power distribution room, electrical accidents may occur due to the entry of small animals, which may lead to other safety accidents.

6. If the lightning protection measures in the power distribution room are not perfect, it will lead to other safety production accidents.

7, The work under high voltage line is prone to electric shock.

8. The power supply capacity and facilities do not meet the requirements for safe use of electricity, which will affect their normal life.
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